Final Day of World Arabian Horse Racing Forum Highlights Challenges in Racing

30 November 2023, Abu Dhabi, UAE ~ The last day of the panel speakers on the last day of November of the World Arabian Horse Racimg Forum 2023 touched many of the challenges in the racing world.

The Challenges in Racing panel moderated by Jonathan Horowitz heard from French trainers Francois Rohaut, Eric Lemartinel and Elisabeth Bernard, Brazilian breeder Almir Abiero, and UAE based owner trainers Ibrahim Al Hadrami and Ernst Oertel. They have all found success as trainers while working in various climates and facing life obstacles.


The Women in Racing Panel moderated by Lara Sawaya included Dr. Mieke De Rijck of the Sharjah Equine Hospital, Emer Felton, director of International Racing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Deborah Mihaloff, owner with her husband of Cre Run Farm and the owner of First Classs, entered into the Sunday Jewel Crown at Abu Dhabi Equestrian Center and winner of the 2022 edition.  Also on the panel were Analise Landucci, trainer Georgina Ward, and Cathie O’mers, head of Officials at the British Horseracing Authority. They shared their inspiring stories on working their way through obstacles to gain prominent and sometimes extremely satisfying careers in Arabian horse racing.

The final session of the day and of the 2023 Forum gave the spotlight to Social Media used in this racing environment. Moderated by Massoud Mohammed, speakers were Musallem Quttan from Oman, Hassen Atiq Al Romalthy and Hamad Al Shamsi from the UAE, Abdullah Al Humayani, and Umm Kaithoum Al Berji from the K.S.A., and Khaled Makhiouf from Egypt.