First Heritage European Championship (HARC) in Ghlin, Belgium

HARC race 31 October live streaming

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29 October 2016, Belgium ~ The Heritage Arabian Racing Club will sponsor the first Heritage European Championship (HARC) to take place on Monday, 31 October in Ghlin, Belgium.

Twelve (12) HARC eligible horses will meet the 2100m challenge coming from as far afield as Russia, Sweden, UK and of course Benelux. Prize money of €20,000 to fifth place(10.000 – 5.000 – 2500 – 1500 – 1000 euro). Nine horses have taken advantage of the added travel-incentive.

The race will also include a first time “Nations Cup” (Coupe des Nations), a special challenge award to the top three horses from the country with at least three starters. In this case it is Russia (3), Sweden (5), Belgium (3) entries. The three best ranked horses of each nation will be taken into account (linear).

This premium race will be televised at 18.55 hours (Belgium local time) and can be followed on the French betting-site (* Paddock commentary starts 10 minutes before the race.

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