Ganj Beik Wins First HARC Race in Yazd, Iran

Ganj Beik with jockey Abolfazi Dehghan

2 June 2017, USA ~ The first Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) race in Yazd, Iran, held on 5 May 2017, was won by 7 year-old straight Iranian Arabian, Ganj Beik (Shahdad Mir Yazd x Yaghot Lorestan by Kohilan TopTopi), owned by M. Reza Ghaneie in a field of 11 horses. The 1400m race was held on an organized dirt track in Yazd, in the middle of Iran. Second in was Gordan Arab, followed by Midas Ghiassi.

The video is an excellent and well prepared showcase of an Iranian race.

Abu Dhabi’s HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the patron of HARC racing worldwide. Sheri Amir Aslani, Iran’s HARC representative said:
I divided the money from HH Sheikh Sultan into four races. The purse money for each is $3000 and there will be two races in Tehran. Racing in Tehran begins the second week in June and goes for 20 weeks for Arabians. Terhran also has Thoroughbred races.”

Editors note:
*At 1216m over sea level In the center of Iran, Yazd is located 270 km (170 mi) southeast of Esfahan and has a history of over 5,000 years dating back to the time of the Median empire. Because of its remote desert location and the difficulty of access, Yazd remained largely immune to large battles and the destruction and ravages of war. It was a haven for those fleeing from destruction in other parts of Persian Empire during the Mongol invasion. In 1272 it was visited by Marco Polo, who remarked on the city’s fine silk-weaving industry.
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