Garrett Ford and The Fury take first place finish at 57th Tevis Cup Ride

    August 5, 2012, Auburn, California ~The 57th Tevis Cup Ride, sponsored by the Western States Trail Foundation, started 204 riders from Robie Park, near Truckee, California, at 5:15 a.m. on August 4, 2012. Of those starters, 98 finished in Auburn, California — 100 miles later — within 24 hours.
The winner of this year’s ride is no stranger to Tevis. Garrett Ford, aboard The Fury, finished in first place. Garrett and The Fury won the coveted Haggin Cup in 2010. This year’s finish marks Garrett’s 8th Tevis Buckle.
Garrett Ford owns EasyCare, whose EasyBoot product is known around the world. The first four finishers in this year’s Tevis were all EasyCare folks — Garrett, his wife Lisa who placed second, followed by Kevin Myers (EasyCare Marketing Manager) in third place and Rusty Toth in fourth place, who is also an EasyCare employee. All four contestants reside in Durango, Colorado.
It was Rusty Toth’s horse Farrabba who captured the Haggin Cup this year. The Haggin Cup is awarded to the horse finishing within the top ten judged to be in the most superior condition. Rusty and Farrabba proudly accepted the Cup at the awards banquet, with Farrabba eating grain out of the huge sterling cup.
This year’s ride went as smoothly as possible, beautifully presented with the help of accomplished ride management, 18 veterinarians, radio crew, horse transport crew, about 800 volunteers, and riders and their crews.

Fun Facts

– The historical completion rate is about 50% of the riders who start Tevis complete. This year 48% completed (98 of 205) and 40 of the finishers received their first buckles.

– Garrett Ford on The Fury finished at 10:05 PM. Lisa Ford on GE Cyclone also at 10:05PM. Judy Houle brought down the curtain at 5:05AM riding Sweet BLH Gold.

 – Top 10 were in by 1:13 AM. 3. Kevin Myers on Auli Farwa, 4. Rusty Toth on Farrabba, 5. Shannon Constanti on Dancin Blaze, 6. Maric HEfker on Hindi Bint Samia, 7. Wilemina De Boer on SMR Filouette, 8. Shellie Hatfield on Splashes Maskrade, 9. Sue Basham on Kismet Cognac, 10. Alyssa Stalley on MB Triple Bay Mask

Compare to 2011

The 2011 Western States Trail Ride October 8-9, 2011
177 Starters, 123 Finishers, 54 Pulls, completion rate of 69.5%
7 juniors started and 5 finished
10 non-USA riders started and 9 finished
41 riders received buckles and 82 riders received a certificate

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