Guarding the Persian Asil

By Shirin Salartash –  The Asil (pure blood) horses of Persia, now Iran, have been zealously guarded by the lovers of  Arabian horses.

In the interests of Arabian horse breeding, it is necessary to preserve the gene pool of the Asil Arabian, as Arabian horse breeding around the world is indebted to Asil Arabians for the qualities of Arabian horses today (one of the best examples is the success, at Tersk state stud, of the Asil Arabian stallion Aswan (Nazeer – Yosreia) bred at El Zahraa, Egypt). From The Asil Club:

On the Iranian Asil website, many of the older horses are pictured. Mary Garagozlo was an avid breeder and protector of this strain. The old horses are from around approximately  1950 to 1993. Trikeh is the oldest picture.

For centuries, the Bedouin tracked the ancestry of each horse through an oral tradition. Horses of the purest blood were known as Asil and crossbreeding with non-Asil horses was forbidden. From AG Arabian

The strain is written with the horses name, as it is very important to recognize the Asil. In Iran the most popular strain is Khersani and Hamdani  Photo link: – Can be seen in English.

The largest breeders of the Asil in Iran:

1- Birgan Stud Farm

2- Yeketazeh Lorestan, breeding and training endurance horses as well, of course, all Asils

3- Sadar Stud F arm


There are also smaller private owners with less than 6 horses

I (Shirin) have 3 broodmares and one colt. Breeders like me have been  scattered in 4 provinces in Iran; Lorestan, Khuzestan, Yazd, and Kerman. In Tehran I am the only breeder who breeds just Asils.

In 2 years we have had 400 imported horses and in 12 years, being optimistic, only around 400 Asils were bred.

The list of the Asils is available online and can be downloaded from website.






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