Tommo Too Busy To Die

Known as Tommo in the world of horse race broadcasters, his wit, glib spirit, and love of racing has taken him on a wild ride around the world.

Derek, as that is his given name, loves all sports. The broadcasting career came after years of riding and training horses. His gift is gab. The nickname Tommo evolved as he combined his love of sports, especially of racing horses, an insiders knowledge of many of the talent connected with the industry, and his natural knack for promotion.

His career has now spanned over 40 years, but it has not been without a fall at a proverbial hurdle or two. Well, there was the cancer. You can read the details in the book “Tommo Too Busy to Die”. The forward says in part, “Deliciously indiscreet and always entertaining, Derek has countless stories to tell, but the most interesting story of all is his own, and for the first time, good and bad, happy and sad, he is telling it.”IMG_4220

Horsereporter found Tommo in Hollywood preparing for the 2016 Darley Awards, the Oscar’s of Arabian racehorses and their connections.

Horsereporter full Interview:

If you suffer from insomnia, I can guarantee that within five pages, you will be fast asleep and snoring your head off.” Tommo

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