Heritage Arabian Racing Club Confirms Additonal Funds For 2017 UK Season

HARC continues racing support in UK

LB Farrah with Teresa Gavin

LB Farrah with Teresa Gavin

24 November 2017 ~ The Arabian Racing Organization (ARO) was delighted to learn that the Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) will continue its’ support for the 2017 ARO Season with additional funds to enable the possibility of more races.

HARC approved horses have made small but significant strides to establish a foothold in the ARO Calendar and as this season progressed, more horses were registered. This allowed the UK’s first HARC only race to take place on the Season Finale card, won by the overall HARC UK Champion racehorse, LB Farrah. It is ARO’s intention, depending on registrations, to stage three HARC only races in 2017 alongside the existing bonus scheme. Established in 2016, this successful scheme allocates HARC funds to every domestic race, irrespective of the race sponsor or prize money.

ARO Director Genny Haynes concluded: “Since the scheme began, we have seen the numbers of HARC approved horses registered with ARO double. We are incredibly grateful to HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the HARC committee for this initiative, it is their commitment and continued support which has enabled ARO to integrate this scheme within our existing ‘grass roots’ program. This has boosted the opportunities for the small owner of traditionally bred Arabians, which is encouraging them back to the sport in the UK.”
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