Horsereporter Welcomes Bernunzo Feeds

Ilaria Bernunzo

Ilaria Bernunzo

Burnanzo Feeds, a nutritional hay system, now features UNIMIX, a packed feed and grain in one. Established in 1970, Bernunzo Feeds using the latest technology and nutritional information, is the leader in the production of packed feed and hay for horses and camels.

Patriarch Peitro Bernunzo has long been the President of C.O.L.B.E., one of the largest consortiums for cattle breeding in the south of Italy. Originally involved with the genetic improvement of the local breed, the need for good nutrition encouraged Bennunzo to develop his own feed which led to the creation of the Bernunzo feed mill.

Bernunzo is a family-run company and daughter Ilaria Bernunzo is the product representative and feed consultant, available for on-site and offsite consultations.

The Bernunzo Feed Mill is known for the production and commerce of feeds, cereals and packed hay for sport horses. The recent addition of the complete feed, UNIMIX for horses and camels, has been widely accepted, especially in the farms and stables located in the Mediterranean area and the Gulf (MENA).

UNIMIX is a highly digestible complete feed containing hay + cereals enriched with natural active ingredients in a single product compressed in bags of 20kg, thus eliminating all the logistic problem connected with storage of large amounts of fodder.

“I personally visit and monitor the farms. I love consulting and follow each case, especially sick and problematic horses and camels. I consider this the best part of my work,” said Ilaria Bernunzo.