IFAHR European/North Africa Arabian Racehorse Rankings 2022

IFAHR30 March 2023, Paris ~ The International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing (IFAHR) has just put out the most recent Arabian race horse rankings. Established in 1999, IFAHR was founded as a non-profit organization for the purpose of setting up an International Federation of Arabian Horseracing, bringing together all national and international Arab Horse Racing Associations.

The purpose of IFAHR was formulated as follows: In order to improve the speed, stamina, soundness and temperament of the Arab horse breed through racing, the Federation shall: universally adopt the term ‘Arabian horse racing’ facilitate international competition between Arabian racehorses by fair and equal means. The goal is that the International Federation of Arabian Racing Authorities will act to promote and improve Arabian racing worldwide.The rankings help race organizers to group racing Arabians in appropriate competitions in their ranking.

Three Year Old RankingsThree Year Old Rankings

Four Year Old Rankings

Download Document: 2022 IFAHR Rankings List