Migrate to Survive…a film of the annual migration of the Assil Horses of Iran

(Iran, 1978) For three and half thousand years the horse has been at the very heart and core of the Persian tradition. it is still widely used as a beast of burden, for sport and a time-enduring…

A courgeous and moving epic of survival: “Migrate to Survive”, a film about the Assil horses of Iran and the woman who helped save and continue this ancient breed with her annual migration up to green pastures. Mary Gharagozlou narates as she makes the jouney. Film assisted by the staff of The Royal Horse Society of Iran.

Filmed in 1978 with direction by Gerald Weinbren, Produced by Antony Penrose. Film shared by Jamie Weinbren.

Connections: https://www.asilclub.org/en/asil-araber