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The collaboration of the prestigious US Arabian horse magazine, Arabian Finish Line, which has served the global market for 27 years, and the international website,, will multiply the accessibility of information for horse lovers around the world.

In addition, the combined entities of the print and online magazines will reach a broader segment of the market, benefitting readers and advertisers with special sponsorship packages. Savvy businesses are seeking to harness the power of print and email marketing with the addition of social media to reinforce the message.

Stephanie Corum, new editor of the Arabian Finish Line, and Pamela Burton, the editor and publisher of the website, know that the comprehensive information available with an updated print magazine and the instant access to the information highway will have a far-reaching advantage to readership and advertisers. The message potential across social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from the two platforms will push the reach of news and advertisement further, faster, and wider.

Pamela Burton: “We are looking forward to the combination of our two great portals for information about our passion, the Arabian horse. With our combined readership, we are able to complete the circle in both print and internet messages. Sponsors and advertising will benefit from the increased views. Internet’s strength is in the instant headline while print magazines can provide further detail. The advertising benefit with both mediums will be increased visibility and the reinforced message, available instantly and in a handy recognizable print version.”

Stephanie Corum: “I’m very excited to be working with Pamela. In talking with her it became evident how our media venues complimented each other, and it only seems natural to partner with her. This will benefit advertisers by increasing their reach and visibility over multiple platforms. Pamela’s ability to cover a wide variety of Arabian events all over the world is impressive. Combine that with the Finish Line’s focus on racing in the United States and it’s a win-win partnership!”

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The Stallion GuideThe annual breeding guide for owners and handlers

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A Special Advertising Package for the Stallion Issue Combines

A Full Page stallion color ad in the Arabian Finish Line Stallion Guide AND with the same artwork, a personal Eblast message to an international list of subscribers by

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* Deadline for reservations for the Stallion Guide is November 15.

* All artwork due by November 30 will be published with the December issue of Arabian Finish Line and also sent via Eblast as a one time advertisement.

* All Stallion Guide pages will be viewable on the websites: and (may link directly to ranch website or information page).

*Every subscriber to the Arabian Finish Line Magazine and every advertiser will receive a copy of the Stallion Guide free of charge.


Arabian Finish Line Magazine 

Website link:

To order your Special Value Double Exposure Package:

In the US call: 240-344-1462

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Downloadable PDF:Combined Stallion Guide ad

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