Iran is latest to join the Heritage Arabian Racing Club

HARC FINAL logo-01.cropped18 April 2016, Abu Dhabi, UAE ~ The Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) is proud to announce its newest member to the fold. The IRIEF, the official governing body for racing in Iran and home to the Iranian Asil horse whose large majority of race horses fulfill the HARC definition, has been accepted by the Board. IRIEF now joins Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Morocco, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Tunisia, UK and the USA in the bid to increase breeding and membership of HARC eligible Arabian race horses across the globe.

The Equestrian Federation of the I.R. of Iran (IRIEF) is the official governing body of racing in Iran. The approved representatives are Dr. Massoud Khalili, President of IRIEF, and Mrs. Shahrzad Amir Aslani, representative for the Arabian horse breeders.

Iran is home to the Iranian Asil horse, of which a large majority that are used for racing are HARC eligible.

IRIEF website:, and an English version is underway:

HARC also launched its new educational video now up on Facebook on the Heritage Arabian Racing Club page and was staggered to receive over 30,000 views in the first 24 hours.

Be on the look-out for – it’s coming soon.

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