Irish Horse Welfare Trust Partners with EMR for Equine Health Monitoring

IHWT to monitor all horses with EMR technology

9 June 2021, Kildare, Ireland ~ A new partnership has been created to help promote and innovate better equine welfare practices in Ireland. The Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT), Ireland’s oldest and largest dedicated equine charity, has partnered with the revolutionary horse welfare technology business Kildare-based Equine MediRecord (EMR).

The partnership will see all IHWT horses have their health monitored and tracked through EMR’s digital platform, helping ensure best possible care to the horses, while looking at new ways to innovate new technologies and best equine welfare practices. EMR launched three years ago but has already amassed an impressive list of clients including the Breeders Cup World Championships, Thoroughbred Owners of California, Irish Veterinary and Welfare Commission, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association and the Arabian Racing Organisation.

IHWT was established in 1999 and formally set up in 2001 to help the plight of neglected horses in Ireland and was Ireland’s largest dedicated equine charity. It was established to provide a dedicated centre that is equipped for dealing with the rehabilitation and re-homing equines. IHWT cares for an average of 65 horses and ponies at their Equine Centre in Woodenbridge, County Wicklow. In recent years we have had up to 100 rescue horses in care and the IHWT has become a specialist rehabilitation centre for Thoroughbred type horses.

EMR sells and maintains a revolutionary software platform which allows for the full veterinary history of the horse to be recorded securely, ensuring the best possible horse welfare as well as aiding with crucial anti-doping procedures in competitive horses.

It is the responsibility of any equine premise to maintain horse health records but a lot of the time it is vets or assistants who record this information. The registered carer for the horse therefore relies on other people to submit the correct information about the medicines given to the horses. However this can be mistakenly forgotten to be recorded or manipulated after the fact. The EMR system notifies the primary horse carer in real time if a medication has been given and once confirmed to be correct, is signed by the registered horse carer. Once records are entered into the system and signed off as correct they cannot be altered, providing integrity and transparency for all concerned.

EMR already boasts a number of endorsements from key equine stakeholders worldwide. Sharon Power, Founder and CEO of the IHWT said “We are delighted to be partnered with Equine MediRecord and our detailed equine records will be much easier to maintain now“

Pierce Dargan, CEO of EMR, said: “We are really looking forward to working with the IHWT on a number of different projects to help to ensure and improve equine welfare practises in Ireland and abroad. We believe our system has a role to play in helping aid reform the global equine industry as we look to improve horse welfare and transparency.”

To find out more about the IHWT visit their website . More information about EMR can be found on their website