Italy wins individual – France Team Gold at European Endurance Champs CEIYR**

September 17, 2012, Mont Le Soie, Belgium ~ CEI**YR/CEI*  September 8, 9

On Saturday 8th September the European Championship for Young Riders was held at Mont Le Soie, Belgium. The competitors  numbered 58 from 18 countries which included 10 teams. The countries entered were: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Great-Britain, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

European Championship for Young Riders – results

FEI European Junior and Young Rider Endurance Championships 2012 – Individuals:  GOLD – Grigali (Mara Feola) ITA 18.907 kph; SILVER – Srour (Cesar Donnais) FRA 18.906 kph; BRONZE – Preume de Paute (Nina Lissarrague) FRA 18.904 kph.

Team results are as follows:

GOLD  France- with Cesar Donnais on Srour in the lead, Nina Lissarrague on Preume de Paute, Marion Brignoli on Kassit, and Clemence Le Bihan on Karamel Mouthes:    team timing: 18.838

SILVER  Italy with Mara Feola on Grigali, Luca Zappettini on Sassifraga della Bonsana, Matteo Bravi on Isteddada Saura, and Daniele Serioli on Pika de Cardonne: team timing: 18:18

BRONZE Great Britain – Carri Ann Dar on Vavavoom, Beth Langley on HS Ametista, and Kate Atkinson on Vanash:    team timing 20:53:4

FINISH  :  20120908_Mont-le-Soie (BEL) 08-09-2012-J&Y European Chp

FULL RESULTS:mlseurchampteam

The heat and drought had made a very hard trail which took its toll throughout the competition. The venue was organized by Pierre Arnould and Mont Le Soie is a hilly and tough ride. The venue is located on the top of a plateau (elevation 550 meters). There are several hills on each stage, some being easier than others. There are easy stretches where horses will canter, and there are tough descents and grueling ascents.The trail was mostly hard pack, and the management advised shoeing the horses accordingly. The trail included large forest pads (used by forestry equipment), single track (mostly going up and down the hills), dirt roads in the open ranges, and asphalt roads when crossing though villages.

All loops started and arrived at the venue for vet check. There were 3 holds at 40, 70 and 100 km of 40 min each.

Congratulations to the young riders of our future.

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