Jaume Punti Dachs rides Ajayeb to win FEI European Endurance Championship

Punti Dachs arrival

Punti Dachs arrival

Based at Samorin, Slovakia, from 11-13 September, 65 riders went out on a track that was quite dry with the local conditions. At the end, 37 riders finished with Spains’s Jaume Punti Dachs in the lead on his bay, Ayayeb.

Congratulations to all competitors:

Medal by Individual:
1.Jaume Punti Dachs (SP) riding Ajayeb in a ride time of 07:15:13
2.Marijke Visser (Ned) riding Laiza de Jalima in a ride time of 07:05:14
*3.Jean-Philippe Frances riding Secret de Mon Coeur in a ride time of 07:13:31
*Best Condition

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Medal by Team:
1.Spain 21:50:59
2.France 22:42:28
3.Pays Bas 23:54:31

All Photos by Giorgio Biffi – Endurance in the World

For Full Individual Results: [gview file=”http://www.horsereporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/CHEU_2015_SEN_Individual.pdf” save=”1″]