July an intense month at the Polo Club of Chantilly

Polo_90P0539CopyrightJune 24, 2013 – We do want to present to our world-wide readership some other interesting equestrian events. One that comes across our desk is the Polo season at Chantilly that will feature the Ladies Polo Club of Paris the first week of July. 

 The high-level lovers would have the chance to follow with interest the traditional Coquetier Cup (from 6th to 14th of July) with 8 teams of 10 goals which will fight to get this trophy ! A tournament  that continues the Laversine Cup and preliminary for the Gold and the Silver Cups takes place in Deauville during August.

July will also be the season kick-off exclusively feminine with the Ladies Polo Cup Paris – Centre Porsche Roissy (from 3rd to 7th of July) and the come-back of the 3rd world feminine player, Lìa Salvo, who will defend her position. She confesses that the Polo Club of Chantilly is her favorite club in Europe.

Conviviality also defines this month with the 1st edition of the Musketeer Cup (from 10th to 13th of July). This is an international tournament where the Polo Club welcomes senior players (over 45 years old) from every country, especially Brazil and United-States of America. The purpose of this competition is to have two foreign players and two players from the club in a same team. The members of the six teams foresees will play the cup final Saturday 13th of July.

Sport is a pretext, discovery of the club and the heritage of the region and the capital is the goal. While you are planning your trip to Chantilly, also visit the important training center at the Chantilly racecourse, make a visit to the spectacular castle and the famous horse museum, just outside of Paris.

The 14th of July, spectators will have the chance to assist to the France – Brazil, an important test match for the French team in the view of the next play-offs for the World Championships. This match will allow us to follow the best French team possible. For the first time, a formation which will show 18 goals with the two number one French players  the player from Apremont and trained at the club, Brieuc Rigaux, and Norman Pierre Henri Ngoumou. Would French polo get revenge for tricolored soccer? A 14th of July : it will be nice !





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