Lady riders compete in the Sultanate of Oman

January 2 was the date of the first competition of 2012 for the Fegentri World Championship Race for Lady Riders.  Riders competed on Purebred Arabian horses in Muscat, The Sultanate of Oman.

General Secretary of Fegentri Susanna Santesson said, “I was introduced to His Majesty Sultan Quaboos. It was a great moment. He is such an extraordinary and wonderful personality. There was a big horse show and the race took place at His Majesty’s own racecourse at the Royal Cavalry.”

Sweden starts the 2012 Competition calendar with the first win and a jump on points. Jonna Gustafsson must be planning to step into the boots of countrywoman,      Tina Henriksson, who kept the Championship for 2010 and 2011.

Distance: 1,600m


Finish, Country, Horse, Points Gained

  1. Jonna Gustafsson, Sweden   Sakari   20   Trainer; Yasser Al Sunaidi, Royal Cavalry Oman
  2. Jessica Marcialis, Italy          Al Waseef   12
  3. Berit Weber, German             Tamjeed     8
  4. Delhine Garcia-Dubois, France, Sabaq 6
  5. Catherine Burri, Switzerland  Mezan  4
  6. Azhar Al Wardi, Oman      Al Batra’a   2
  7. Khadija Albastaki, Qatar  Al Wadee    1
  8. Pernilla Hermansson, Great Britain  Mulheb 0
  9. Victoria Allers, Norway    Hareer   1
  10. Tjarda van den Broek-Humphreij, Neth   Sardius 1
  11. Fatma Al Manji, Oman  Hajes   1
  12. Lisa O’Neilll, Ireland   Andaleeb 1

FEGENTRI stands for Fédération Internationale des Gentlemen-Riders et des Cavalières or in English, International Federation of Gentlemen and Lady Riders. It was founded in 1955 by a handful of enthusiastic amateur riders. The founding members were France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. Many nations have joined FEGENTRI since 1955 and today the membership consists of 25 different countries.






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