Libyan Thoroughbred Stud Book Approved after 7 years

March 31, Tripoli, Libya ~ Excerpts  from the Tripoli Post

Horsemen in Libya see a future for their passion, as the current Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Suliaman Bukharuba, has recently signed the approval to restore the Libyan Thoroughbred Stud Book.

‘We have been trying to get this stud book approved for over 7 years’ said Dr. Amad Al Shaab, Co- founder and chairman of the Libyan Horseman’s Association.  Under Libyan law, the stud book of any breed of horse, whether it be Thoroughbred, Arabian, or Libyan horses, must be under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Dr. Amad and Radwan Al Shaab of Al Shaab Stud in Libya have been at the forefront of the bid to restore the Libyan Stud Book following the fall of the Gaddafi regime. The Stud Book was abandoned in 1972, but after sustained pressure from the Libyan Horseman Association, the Minister for Agriculture has given the green light to reinstate it, committing 10 million Libyan dinar (US $7,987,220.45) to the effort.  Dr. Amad and his group are currently working to achieve international recognition for the Stud Book so that Libya’s horses can race and be sold abroad.

The Libyan Horsemen Association numbers approximately 1,600 members, all owners and breeders.

“We need to have our Stud Book so Libyan owners can select better mares and breed from good families so we can race in Europe and maybe even sell horses abroad as well,” said Dr. Amad.

According to Dr. Amad, the first stud book in Libya was established in 1959 and was devoted to Arabian horses. When dictator Gaddafi took over power in 1969, the stud book was removed away from the Ministry of Agriculture and given to the military under a separate committee.

The new Stud Book registration will give Libyan owners and breeders the credentials to compete, race, and breed across international borders. Thoroughbred horses were originally imported from Tunisia to Libya in the early 60s.


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