Mars Samuray HVP wins GP Jamil Saliba 2016 in Brazil

Mars Samuray HVP

Mars Samuray HVP

5 May 2016, USA ~ On 30 April 2016, for the third year, the premier Arabian race the Grande Prêmio Jamil Saliba – HARC (1400mG) was part of the Festival of Grande Prêmio São Paulo, the principal week of paulista Turf, which confirms the Arab Horses are now part of Hipódromo de Cidade Jardim. Mars Samuray Hec, owned by Nuri Donizetti José Haddad, won this challenge with a purse of R$ 15,000 (USD$3,200+-).

Before the Race, the President of Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA), Fabio Alberto Amorosino, commented regarding the importance of Arab horses during the festivities of GP São Paulo.
“For us is a great honor to have our horses representing one event like this in [the hippodrome] Cidade Jardim. This alliance is very important and we would like to improve on this link to get more and more space at JCSP.

Directors of ABCCA and connections of Mars Samuray

Directors of ABCCA and connections of Mars Samuray

Almir Jose Ribeiro, Vice President of Racing of ABCCA, spoke about the importance of having the GPJamil Saliba for the third year.
“It is a great tribute to the biggest supporter of PSA for sport and the first breeder to send horses to compete in Cidade Jardim. We are proud of the legacy that Mr. Jamil left to us, and even more happy to see his family here at the races, including his sons and grandsons.”

The Race

Ten horses PSA were entered into the race, which took off at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 30 April 2016, at the Jockey Club de São Paulo. Right from the start Marei Rach went to the lead with Heron HVP, a great rival, coming close before the final turn with Mars Samuray Hec and Adoraddo Ve following.

Coming into the turn Marei Rach was still in the lead with Tariq Qs in second and Mars Samuray Hec increasing speed close to the rail in 3rd. Heron HVP was 4th, Adoraddo Ve (5th) and Mahogany HVP (6th) were trying to get closer. Zinia Ve, Blues Master Rach, Orchestra Rach and Guinevere Rach were running back in the pack. Marei Rach came into the final straight in the lead, but jockey V. Souza pushed hard and it was Mars Samuray Hec followed by Heron HVP and Mahogany HVP. In the final furlong, Mars Samuray Hec took the lead, winning by 1 1/2 lengths with Marei Rach fighting but bested by Mahogany HVP that came strong and took second with Marei Rach (3rd), Heron HVP 4th and Adoraddo Ve 5th.

The winner Mars Samuray Hec is a 11 years old horse by Mars Simbad Hec X Safra Fa (Cobrah) bred by Florivaldo de Carvalho and owned by Nuri Donizetti José Haddad, who was very proud as this was his third time winning the GP Jamil Saliba.

“I’m very proud to win this race in tribute to Dr. Jamil, a spectacular man, lover of Arab horses, who opened the doors for these horses to show their value in Cidade Jardim. Atentaddo Ve (twice champion) made his own name in the last two years at this race. He will stay in Brazil with a very good breeder to promote the Arab horse,” his owner said of the outstanding stallion Atentaddo Ve, the biggest winner in Cidade Jardim that will now be retired to stud.

The trainer Thiago Haidar, responsible for Mars Samuray Hec, had no limits to his thanks.
“I’m very happy to train the horses of Nuri Donizetti Jose’ Haddad, who also owns Atentaddo Ve, also Mars Samuray ran for him in the past. Atentaddo is a spectacular horse, who gave us many joys and from now will represent the Arabian Brazilian breed. I’m happy to work with Arab horses. This opportunity opened the doors for a veterinarian like me to become a trainer in the Jockey Club.”

With this race, Mars Samuray Hec has won his third race, and registered 1’35”929, a new record for PSA at 1.400 metros on the turf at Jockey Club de São Paulo.

Ricardo Saliba spoke regarding the race in honor of his father during the most important race weekend in São Paulo.
“This means a lot to us. Last year, my father passed away, and the race happened on his birthday. He was 89 years old. We decided to keep his race during the GP São Paulo festival, as his last happy moments happened with us in JCSP, on the day of the GP Arab Chamber of Commerce. He died 5 days after this race.

“My father, Jamil Saliba, loved the Arab races. The tradition of our family came from my grandfather, my father’s father, who ran his Arab horses in Syria. My father’s dream was to have these races here in Brazil and thanks to all his efforts, this is happening now.”

It was a stirring moment that brought together the Saliba family, wife and children, and his brother Paulo, showing clearly the tradition and love for the Arab races in the Saliba family.

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Text and photos: Karol Loureiro