Meet California Trainer, Terri Eaton

Dream Pearl with Terri Eaton – Pleasanton, CA. 2017

Racing horses came naturally to Terri Eaton. She remembers her first job at age 11, galloping horses for Arabian horse racing pioneers Lucas Arabians, then racing in Nevada and California with Hazel Lucas. As a teenager, she was already traveling with Bob Raine and Hazel Lucas promoting Arabians on the Fair Circuit in the Western United States, which included match races riding against Hazel.

The youngest trainer in California to get her license at the age of 18, Eaton soon became the leading trainer at the Ferndale, California, track.

Even as she loved horse training, she wanted to know more. After achieving a degree in Animal Husbandry and Nutrition, Eaton continued training with new knowledge and a full string of Arabians and Thoroughbreds.

Eaton’s racing success continues in Northern California. Two of her famous recent Champions are Sand Victor and Dream Pearl, the latter having won two Darley Awards, the first one in her second year of racing (2016). Looking forward to a full 2019 season, Eaton is also training for two Arabian racing clubs. She credits her success to the help and support of a great crew and with the fact that they plan each horses’ training according to their needs.

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