Meydan Group & Dubai Municipality Instigate Desert Litter Awareness

Municipality-Led My City My Environment Campaign Takes Note of Desert Destruction

smnursingIMG_0048_27 January 2015, Dubai, UAE – The Meydan Group is pleased to partner with Dubai Municipality in an ongoing program to clean and preserve Dubai’s desert areas through a new environmental initiative named ‘My Arena My Environment’ centered around the sport of endurance Riding.

As many free-range camels and many other desert dwellers can eat or become ensnared by trash, it is a danger to all to leave plastic litter and other refuse in the desert. The many cross-country equestrian and motor events using desert tracks contribute to the litter. Now Dubai and Meydan have launched an initiative to take back the desert and control the abuse in a campaign of collection and awareness.

The recent desert awareness scheme is part of the overall campaign, My City My Environment, recently developed and launched By Dubai Municipality 2012. To date a large amount of debris, primarily plastic water bottles and caps have been removed from the vast desert in and around the Seih Assalam area of the Dubai Equestrian Club Endurance tracks and Al Qudra’s expansive cycling track route.

Abdulmajeed Abdulaziz Saifaie, Director Of Waste Management For Dubai Municipality noted: “Dubai Municipality is glad to have Meydan Group’s Dubai Equestrian Club to team with our efforts to preserve the Dubai desert. Our combined efforts will ensure that the desert is kept in a pristine environment for years to come. Dubai Municipality is encouraged by this spirit of teamwork, and the Dubai Equestrian Club’s commitment to the environment and all of Dubai. Meydan Group’s participation in the program will ensure that endurance teams and the spectators who frequent the ride routes are Dubai International Endurance City maintain the desert environment.”

“More than 20 Endurance Rides are contested at the venue every year. Each ride attracts hundreds of participants and spectators and the impact on the landscape will leave a lasting effect if not contained.”

Essa Al Adhab Mohammed, Executive Director Of The Dubai Equestrian Club said: “We are pleased to enter into this important program as part of the overall Dubai Municipality Initiative My Dubai My Environment. The desert is home to our heritage. It is our responsibility that we keep safeguard this environment. The steps we take today will benefit future generations who will inherit the responsibility for conserving the desert. As a vital part of the campaign, My Arena My Environment Meydan has held various awareness activities for the teams that compete at Dubai International Endurance City. The teams are encouraged to become more environmentally conscious and maintain the area. During the endurance season the team that collects the largest amount of debris will receive an award.”


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