Money Woes May Lead to Ouster of Italian Racing From the EPC

April 16, 2014 ~ Italy  ▶ITALY is on the verge of losing its ability to have internationally recognized Group races starting next year (2015), according to reports that after a meeting of the European Pattern Committee the nation was being axed from the sport’s agenda.

A previous meeting of the EPC over the concern that prize money was not being paid led to an edict, and Italian racing authorities were informed that all outstanding prize-money due to international owners had to be paid by the end of March. That condition has not been met, meaning Italy will cease to be a member of the EPC from January 1, 2015.

 EPC chairman Brian Kavanagh said: “It is extremely regrettable that the committee has had to take this course of action. We have advised the Italian representatives that the only circumstances in which the committee could reconsider this decision would be in the event of total compliance with all of the conditions previously set, including those in relation to arrears due to Italian based owners and the implementation of a new system of payment for current and future races. This is entirely a matter for the Italian authorities to address.”

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