Mourad Boutros Marries Fine Art and Calligraphy at Boutros International

Horses A painting by Arlette Haddad and Mourad Boutros

A painting by Arlette Haddad and Mourad Boutros

Boutros International has long had a range of global clients. Mourad Boutros is now becoming known for his unique art combining fine art and arabic calligraphy. Meet Mourad Boutros and his wife, Arlette.


At the start

Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most outstanding Arabic calligraphers, designers and typographers, Mourad Boutros studied calligraphy in Beirut and in 1968 began work in Lebanon’s flourishing advertising industry. In 1974 at the age of 23, he won the first prize for the best advertisement in the French language daily newspaper L’Orient Le Jour.  Before long he had established his own agency in Beirut. In  the 1970s Boutros moved to London, where he quickly established his creative credentials, becoming amongst other things Arabic Typographical Consultant to Letraset, at the time a major player in the  graphic arts industry. Together with his wife, Arlette Boutros, herself a distinguished typographer, designer and writer, Mourad set up Boutros International which has led the field of Arabic typography, calligraphy and design for more than 40 years.

Arabic typeface collections

Working globally, projects have ranged from the creation of Arabic typeface collections for internationally renowned software and design houses, to corporate Arabic logotypes and private commissions. Boutros International experts regularly lecture on Arabic typography at top international seminars, as well as providing typographic consultancy services to many multinational organisations. Mourad Boutros is the author of the acclaimed books Arabic for Designers and Talking about Arabic, and his work is ubiquitous throughout the Arabic speaking world.

Collaborative paintings combining fine art and traditional Arabic calligraphy

BBC Arabic logo and Corporate Arabic Typeface Created by Mourad Boutros

BBC Arabic logo and Corporate Arabic Typeface
Created by Mourad Boutros

Mourad’s most recent project is the launch of a collaborative series of paintings that combine fine art with traditional Arabic calligraphy. Executed in a variety of media such as oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache, these paintings have been developed in cooperation with leading artists including the renowned Emmanuel Guiragossian, Robin Hazlewood, Arlette Haddad, Krikor Agopian, Metin Salih Nadim Matta and Anthony Dawton. In these exclusive pieces, Boutros has come up with exquisite Arabic calligraphy which blends perfectly with the visual background developed by the painter. The calligraphy, being the main focus of the painting, brings out the beauty of the artworks.

The paintings focus on a wide array of themes including horses, falcons, maxims and other aspects of Arabian culture and tradition. The works showcase the beauty and flexibility of Arabic calligraphy with the artworks of famous painters and are likely to appeal to a broad range of art connoisseurs, private collectors and institutions throughout the Arab world.

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