New Discovery of the Arabian horse found in Saudi Arabia

Photo of rock art thanks to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities

Peter Harrigan, author and scholar, has put together a fascinating read in the May/June issue of the Saudi Aramco World magazine. Excerpt and link to the article below.

The discovery at al-Magar and the electrifying question it raises come as Saudi Arabia experiences a resurgent pride not only in its archeological heritage but also, particularly, in the legacy and culture of the desert-bred Arabian horse. The discovery also coincides with recent advances in analytical technologies that can help address important questions: When and where did humans begin to move from hunting wild horses (Equus ferus) for food, bone, hide and hair toward the capture, taming and exploitation of horses for meat, milk and transport—a process that gave rise to the subspecies (Equus ferus caballus) that is today’s domesticated horse?

Answer: There are approximately 65 million horses in the world today.

(Question in June Eblast)

Full article in May/June issue of Saudi Aramco World

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