New Inductees Announced for the USA Arabian Racing Hall of Fame & Tent of Honor

2015 Racing Hall of Fame Inductees

In order for a horse to be considered into the Racing Hall of Fame, it must meet criteria within the following mission statement: “The horse shall have made a significant contribution to Arabian racing in the United States through the horse’s own performance and the performance of its progeny.” Additionally, the following gender criteria must be met:

–      Mares will have had to race for 3 years with at least 3 Stakes wins, foaled at least 3 Stakes winners, and be retired from racing for 5 years.

–      Stallions will have had to race for 3 years with at least 3 Stakes wins, foaled at least 5 Stakes winners, and be retired from racing for at least 5 years.

–      Geldings could be considered for inclusion into the Racing Hall of Fame providing the gelding was of superior race performance over an extended period of time, and have “star” recognition.

1   DON CONDARE. Don Condare (RD FiveStar x Elconda, by El Ghazi++/) earned $172,914 in 42 starts, running for 8 years from 1995 to 2002. He won 22 times. Six were stakes wins, including twice winning the G1 Arabian Cup Championship Sprint. He was also named 1997 Darley Older Horse of the Year. Don Condare was bred by Dawn Young Hansen, raced by Cre Run Enterprises, and is currently owned by Valour Arabians.

Don Condare in the circle on 8/19/00

Don Condare in the circle on 8/19/00



2   SUEADE+/. Sueade+/ (*Patent x CHF Francesca, by Comar Franz Josef) represents a Russian/Crabbet pedigree cross. Bred by Dr. A.A. Wilke, he was raced in Canada and the USA (Montana, Washington, Colorado and California) by Roger Hoffort of Tee Jay Ranches, Inc. Sueade+/ ran 63 times from 1988 to 1992, with 33 wins, 15 seconds, and 6 thirds. His record includes 18 stakes wins and 9 stakes placings, and he was named National Champion Racehorse of Canada.

2015 Tent of Honor Inductees

In order for an individual to be considered into the Tent of Honor, he/she must meet criteria within the following mission statement: “The person nominated shall meet the criteria of length of service to the breed (15 years in the Arabian horse industry, having raced 10 years), courage to do what is best for the horse, be above reproach, devoted to the horse and community, and provide service in the areas of leadership, heritage, education and/or research.”


Ed Wilson

1  ED WILSON. Since the inception of parimutuel horse racing in Texas almost 30 years ago, Ed Wilson has been a rock establishing and stabilizing the Arabian racing program. He is one of the original founders of the Texas Arabian Breeders Association in 1988, and has been on the board since 1988, and has been President of the association since 1996!!  At 87 years old, he and his wife Gail still enjoys an active life at the track, as well as their racing farm in Forney, Texas.

smBobbieDon PatscheiderIMG_9658

Bobbi and Don Patsheider

2  BOBBI PATSCHEIDER. Like many, Bobbi Pattscheider’s involvement with the Arabian horse began in the show world with their farm, Patlan Arabians in Williston, Florida. The racing bug soon bit her and her husband, Don, and she moved into the position of Treasurer for the Ocala Arabian Breeders Society, which played an integral part in the beginnings of Arabian racing. In 1996, following the passing of her friend Jean Streeter, Bobbi took over the reins of Arabian Finish Line magazine, and kept it going for the sake of the industry until her passing last year. Bobbi’s passion for the breed, desire to give back to the industry, loyalty to her friends, compassion for those who needed a friend, and her love and devotion to her family made up the essence of a truly remarkable woman who is deeply missed.




Jerry Partin (l) with son, Dale

3  JERRY PARTIN. Jerry Partin has a long resume in Arabian horses. As a decorated endurance rider/trainer, Jerry walked into Arabian racing with strong foundational values about prioritizing the safety and well-being of the horse first and foremost. He routinely extended that goodwill to people as well, be it jockeys, grooms, fellow trainers, and back side help. Jerry was on the board of the Colorado Owners and Breeders Racing Association (COBRA), the Arabian Racing Club of California (ARAC), and the Northwest racing affiliates. He never missed a meeting, helped organize trainer meetings, got new trainers and owners involved in Arabian racing, and was even known to regularly ask strangers if they enjoyed going to the races. Upon a positive reply, he’d hand them his card and told them to be sure to call him next time they came out, especially if it was their first time. As a result, Jerry had visitors at the track almost every weekend. He was a tremendous ambassador for Arabian racing.

In 1995, the Arabian Horse Trust began an honorary program that recognized great Arabian racehorses (Racing Hall of Fame) and leadership individuals within the sport of Arabian racing (Tent of Honor). In 2008, all voting privileges and decisions were transferred by the Arabian Horse Trust to the Arabian Jockey Club (AJC), and have remained under the AJC’s domain ever since. With respect to great achievement superseding all criteria, inductees are chosen only when individuals and horses are found to be worthy of the honor. As such, this award is not awarded annually. In fact, this year’s inductees represent only the 13th induction into the prestigious program.
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