Open Day at Tersk Stud

Open Day Program  Venue – Tersk Stud 

Tersk Stud with great pleasure opens its doors to all admires of Russian Arabian horses to join the annual Arabian Horse Festival 2013.ohd The program of the event includes: show, racing, dressage, jumping and other entertainments.

Day 1, August, 23rd, Friday

13:30 – Brief tour along Tersk Stud

15:00 – Regional Show of purebred Arabian horses “Star of Pyatigorye 2013”

Day 2, August, 24th, Saturday


Area 1

11:00 – Gala Ceremony

12:00 – Presentation of Tersk purebred Arabian horses, show and race classes

  • Regional show “Star of Pyatigorye 2013” winners’ rewarding
  • Lottery with souvenirs from Tersk stud, sponsors and partners of the event.
  • Free time for communication/networking

Area 2

14:00 – Show jumping “Letniy Priz of Tersk stud”

  • Winners’ rewarding of “Letniy Priz of Tersk stud”
  • Entertainment program
  • Free time for communication

Day 3, August, 25th, Sunday

12:00 – Races at the Pyatigorsk Racetrack

Additional paid:

– Entrance fee: 500 rub/  $15USDPerson

– Lunch: 1200 rub/ $30USDPerson

For any information as to costs and booking, please refer to Evgenia Pelipenko, assistant to the Director: +7-928-28-55-030, [email protected].

In addition to the events organized by Tersk, you can also enjoy picturesque views of the Northern Caucasus, as well as the historic sites of the Caucasian Mineralnye Vody area by taking a guided tour.

For more detailed information, please, contact Karina Avetisyan, travel agency “Leto”, +7-8793-33-33-34,, [email protected]

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