RB Rich Lyke Me Wins Maiden and ARC Breeder Bonus at Delaware

RB Rich Lyke Me Wins ARC Breeder Bonus

6 June 2019, Delaware Park, USA ~ RB Rich Lyke Me under Carol Cedeno handily won the Delaware Park MAIDENS on 5 June 2019.

Eight horses went to the post for the five and one half Furlongs dirt race but RB Rich Lyke Me (Majd Al Arab x Rich Frynd by TH Richie) was clear from the start. Keeping that front momentum after an early drive, they were chased by Ricardo Chiappe on second finisher RB Frynchh Dude, never able to head them. The winning time was 1:13:32.

Bred and owned by Rosebrook Farms one and two finish are trained by Jerenesto Torrez. Third in was Uptown WTF under Kirsten Swan trained by Lynn Ashby for owner, breeder Jon Henningsgard.

The Arabian Racing Cup Breeder Bonus of $500 went to each of the Breeders of the first three place finishers.

photo credit = Hoofprints, Inc.