Saudi Arabia’s 2023 Ta’if Season Set To Begin in June

A record number of races will include 108 for Purebred Arabians

30 May 2023, Saudi Arabia – Racing in Saudi Arabia resumes on Thursday June 1 with a significantly expanded programme at King Khalid Racecourse in Taif.

Taif Racetrack


The 2023 campaign gets underway two weeks earlier than in 2022 meaning the total number of meetings has increased to 54, with the season culminating on Saturday 7 October.

Increased races include 108 for Purebred Arabian horses

There will be a General admission is free and provides trackside views of an evening of top-class racing with access to grandstand seating, live music, a night food market, restaurant and several retail shops. You can also win great prizes by guessing the winning horse for each race. Please register to access your free ticket.contests for local and imported horses (up from 147), 193 for locally-bred horses only (up from 188) and 108 for Purebred Arabian horses (up from 49). A total of 486 races will take place during the season – up from 384 in 2022.

Highlights on the calendar include the Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Cup on Saturday 2 September, which is run on the same day as the Listed King Faisal Cup, while the Taif Derby takes place on Friday 22 September.

As well as the increased fixture list, the new Taif season will feature greater prize money, with a 25% increase announced for each Thursday meeting.

Prince Abdullah Bin Khaled Al Saud, Chairman of the JCSA’s Technical Committee, said: “The growth of racing in Taif for the 2023 season further demonstrates our aim to develop the sport of horse racing in Saudi Arabia and underscores our commitment to securing a bright future for Purebred Arabian racing.

“The expanded fixture list as well as the significant increase in prize money offers trainers more opportunity for all categories of horse.

“Our 193 races tailored specifically to locally bred horses supports our all-important domestic breeding industry and Purebred Arabian horses now have more than double the opportunity when compared to last season.

“Coupled with our juvenile racing schedule we see Taif as a significant season in its own right, but it also serves as an excellent launch pad to the Riyadh racing season and gives visitors the chance to view the equine superstars of tomorrow.”

The venue in Taif has undergone extensive renovation works in the last season to ensure that it offers the best experience to our guests on race day. With award-winning cuisine and unrivalled views of all the action on the track race goers are provided with an excellent option for a fun-filled day out for the whole family.

Taif is situated at a higher altitude and is closer to the coast than Riyadh, making it cooler and perfect for hosting racing throughout the summer months. The racing season is another competitive advantage added to the top Saudi summer tourist city’s list of features, making it an exceptional destination to enjoy horse racing.


Taif is known for growing roses. More than 900 rose growers produce over 300 million flowers each year. The flowers are harvested to produce the world’s most expensive rose oil or atar. Tourists can take a guided tour of one of the city’s rose factories or head to Taif’s Central Market to browse and purchase aromatic oils, water, perfumes, and rose-scented soaps.

Rose Fiel

Best time to visit: Late February and early March is the best time to visit rose fields in Taif. The roses in the fields blossom during this time period and are harvested in the second half of March.

The temperature remains moderate during winters, spring and autumn making these seasons the best time to visit Taif for tourist activities. Taif experience pleasant and cool breeze flowing in offering decent weather conditions for exploring Taif.

How to reach Taif:
Taif Airport
Taif Regional airport is situated 30 km away from the Taif city center. The airport not only offers domestic but international flights. Tourists can easily fly from Riyadh and Jeddah to Taif along with several foreign countries.


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