Saudi Cup Day Obaiyah Classic Track Works Trainer Comments

22 February 2024 ~ US$2m Diriyah Gate Development Authority Obaiyah Arabian Classic

Honey Proof (USA) – “He is very well, looks in great condition,” trainer Rhonda Tuley said.

“He likes the track and is handling the change in environment without any trouble.”

Vica Grine (FR) – Trainer Elisabeth Bernard admits that it will be difficult to assess her chances in international competition.

“It is a funny story but the horse has only ever run in Morocco,” Bernard said. “This is the reason why I chose this race for him as it is on dirt.

“He was very good in Morocco, but we don’t know if he is in the same class as the other horses. He has the smallest rating of all the horses and the reason he is qualified to run here is that he beat Hadi De Carrere three months ago.

“Hadi De Carrere had won here in Riyadh. Vica Grine is a good looking individual, very generous. He has been with me for the last three months.

“He went for a steady canter this morning, once round the track, as he had done a bit of a faster work yesterday.”