Scottsdale Arabian Horse Farm Tours 2016- 2017, a Wonderful Intro to Scottsdale Arabians

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Farm Tours are free to the public

Arabian Expressions

10 January 2016, Scottsdale, AZ ~ The 10th year of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Farm Tour recently finished their 2016 three-day event from 30 December – 1 January 2017.

The 2016 Tour featured nine farms with two hours each arranged in close driving proximity if possible. Included were Culbreth Equine, McDonald Arabians, Rae Dawn Arabians, Stonewall Farm, Regency Cove, Brookville Arabians, Arabian Expressions, Sandspur Ranch and Sahara Scottsdale. Rainy and cool weather forced a few changes in the schedule but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the public.

Arabian breeder Scott Bailey had the inspiration for this Open House of Arabian Farms.

This is a nice down time between Christmas and the Scottsdale horse show to visit some of the farms, see and touch the beautiful horses, and get acquainted with many of Scottsdale’s intriguing Arabian horse breeders and owners,” said Bailey. “The first year we had 10 farms and we asked each farm for $1,000 and used it all for promotion. The farms open their barns with an informal showing of some of their horses along with refreshments. This is a great opportunity to share the love of the Arabian horses. Most of the people that come are not horse people.”

Each year when the call goes out for Open Houses, from 9-15 farms request to be included, according to Bailey.

The attendance is generally standing room only. “We get at least 200-250 people at each showing,” said Bailey. “The evening events might have more, as many as 500. We’ve had people buy horses from these farm tours that have never had a horse. It’s a great entry point for Arabians.”

Standing next to me at the rail at the charming Arabian Expressions Farm was Arabian horse enthusiast, Mai Takashima, who had traveled from Tokyo, Japan. Mai said she had taken her vacation to come to Scottsdale on an Arabian riding tour and added days on so that she would not miss the Farm Tours.

“I think they are wonderful, she said. “I would never experience such a thing in Japan.” This close view of the horses and farms has ignited her passion. “I love the Arabian horse and now I will try to come back for the February horse show,” she said.

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~ from Scottsdale, Pamela Burton text and photos