SOREC Reports Race Results for July 6 at Lalla Malika Racecourse Morocco

SOREC logoJuly 8, 2013 ~ SOREC (Society Royale pour l’Encouragement du Cheval)

Racing at Hippodrome – Lalla Malika on July 6

Lalla Malika is located south of Casablanca at El Jadida, Morocco, a port city on the Atlantic. It was controlled by the Portuguese from 1502 until 1769, and is now part of the Morocco proud waterfront. It is home to one of Morocco’s five national stud farms.


Race Number One – For Anglo Arabes  50% of 3 years

Distance, 1100m Prize Money, 90,000MAD($10,500USD)

1st in with the time of 01:15:66 was Star L’Atlas (Tornado De Syrah x Baydawia) ridden by Abdellah Elkandoussi, and owned by Kamal Daissaou by 2. 5 lenghts  in the 8 horse field

2nd Ektor Al Boraq (Tornado De Syrah) owned by Qabadi Abdelhak, trained by Mustapha Soumir

3rd was Mouha owned by Aziz A. Lazrak


Second Race for 25% Anglo Arabe of 3 years

Distance, 1700m, Prize Money, 90,000MAD

Winning time: 1:57:21

Surely the 1st in, Thore (Mon Ali x Darzack), ridden by Said Madihi, trained by Gerard Serge, owned by Zakaria Heritieers Hakam, can look forward to a good future as he topped number two, Hustrad, by 4.5 lengths in the six-horse field.

2nd Hustrad, owned by Said Bendamou

3rd Muswryd, owned by  El Kandoussi, trained by Mostapha El Kandoussi


Third Race D’El Jadida- Pure Bred Arabians 3 years who have not won 4 races

Distance, 1700m Prize Money 60,000MAD

Winning time, 2:06:37

Winner, IBN Dahess (Dahess x Priska De Chaillac) ridden by Thami Zergane, trained by Jean Claude Pecout, and owned by Azeddine Sedrati, showed strength finishing with a 5 length win over Dahess colt, Rajastan,  owned and trained by Bouazza Moussaouit.

3rd back, by a head, was Tissa Blad, owned and trained by by Brahim Badoui in the 6 horse field


Race Four- Hadj Mustapha Tarik – Anglo Arab of 25% of 4 years plus

Distance, 2400m Prize Money 140,000 ($16,250USD)

Winner, Zaza (Mon Zack x Dar Zack) owned by Zakaria Heritiers, trained by Gerard Serge, ridden by Said Madhi in the time of 2:41:58

2nd, the Duc de Paon colt, Ado, owned by  ABD. Lazrak

3rd was Mawibdira, owned by Abdeljabbar/ElKandoussi

8 horse field


Race Five, Prix Province D’El Jadida Anglo Arabes of 50% 4 years +

Distance, 1850m, Prize Money, 140,000MAD ($16,250USD)

This race might have looked like a line-up as the winning field filed in with many lengths in between them. Making the treble win for the day for the Zakaria Hakam Heritiers team, Fath (Klass Man x Mina), took the number one spot  and gave jockey Said Madhi his third triumph with 11 lengths over Moha. The winner is also trained by Gerard Serge, and won in the time of 02:08:39.

Second in by another long margin was Moha, owned and trained by Said Bendamou, then 10 lengths behind in third was Ferrari, owned by Mohamed Debbab.


Sixth Race, Grand Prix De La Fete Du Trone Pure Bred Arabians 4 years + Born and raised in Morocco

Distance, 2400m, Prize Money 240,000MAD ($28,000USD)

In this field of 15 it was Summer Kiss (Panis x Kiss on the Liffey), the winner, ridden in by Thami Zergane, owned and trained by Barakat Naim.

One half length behind was Polygold, owned and trained by Jilau Al Garch, followed quickly by

Third, Kanazack, owned by Zakaria Hakam Heritiers

Winning time was -2:40:06


Seventh Race- Dictus, for Pure Bred Arabians 3 years

Distance, 1850m, Prize Money, 80,000MAD

Dabit (Stroming Moon x Anna Franc), topped the field of five by 2.5 lengths, ridden in  by Rachid Amnai,  owned and trained by Driss Bzour.

Tylda, second by 2.5 lengths owned by Zakaria Hakam Heritiers, trained by Gerard Serge, ridden by Said Madhi

Winning time: 2:04

Third was Mystic De L’Atlas, owned by Kamal Daissaoui

Also Ran:

Willow, Mamlouk I


 Eighth Race -Prix Du Haras National D’El Jadida – Pure Bred Arabian males entiers of 4 years +

Distance: 1850m, Prize Money 140,000MAD ($16,250USD)

Winning Time: 02:16:58

19 horse field

Won by Raf II (Mansper x Raida), owned and trained by Tarik Bendamou, ridden by Outhmane Lakjal

2nd was Lazrak by a nose, owned and trained by Said Bendamou

3rd was Albarq, owned by Mohamed Debbab, trained by Mloudi Ajana.


The next SOREC race is Grand Prix De Feu Sa Majesté le Roi Hassan II on October 27, Dimanche 27 Octobre

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