Star of the Pyatigorsk shows off Arabians in Russia

August 31, 2012, Russia ~Reported by Tersk Stud

The Star of the Pyatigorsk  was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Krai, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Horse Breeding and Russian Arabian Horse Breeders Association.
Judges: Ruslan Khalilov - the main Registry of the Russian Stud book, 
        Tatiana Tikhonova - Arabian horse show class judge of the 1st category,
        Nikolaeva Larisa - race horse expert.
Best of the Best (BOB) show ~ Belfast, grey, born 1994, Veles Stud.
BOB race horse ~ Madiar, grey, born 1994, Tersk Stud.
Best show class mare ~ Petlica Tersk, bay, born 2010, Tersk Stud.            
Audience favorite prize ~ Petlica Tersk

Belfast, photo from Veles Stud archives

Madiar, photo credit, Alexia Khruscheva








Petlica photo credit Alexia Khruscheva





~ At the Pyatigorsk Race Track
August 26 - Galikarnas  (Kamelot x Gollandia) has won the Tersk Stud Prize, GrIII, 2400 for 3 yr olds.
 Kamelot has as grandsire the lovely and fast Moment*, reaching back to the swift-footed Negatiw* and Priboj* lines.

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