Susanna M. Santesson, new Vice-President of DRAV


Susanna Santesson (rt) at award ceremony Turkey

January 7, 2012 ~ The German Racing Association of Arabian Horses –DRAV- has elected Susanna Santesson to the position of Vice President of DRAV at the Extraordinary General Assembly on Saturday, January 7th, 2012 until the next Ordinary General Assembly in April. The position became vacant after the previous Vice-President, Dieter Axmann left.

The newly elected Vice-President is well-known and has excellent contacts in the racing world. She was a successful lady-rider und is responsible for education and training at the Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und Rennen. She is President of EARS (European Association of Racing Schools), Vice-President and Managing Director of the German Amateur Club and General Secretary of Fegentri, the international Federation of Amateur Clubs, who organises the World Championship for Lady- and Gentlemen Riders.

Since many years Susanna M. Santesson was involved in Arabian racing and due to her experiences in racing a huge support.


Dr. Paul Daverio


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