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AJC News Alert: Certificate of Registration for Racing (Racing Certificate) Changes

(Racing Certificate) Changes Coming January 2019 11 August 2018, USA ~ Effective 1 January 2019, The Arabian Jockey Club will require all horses that hold or apply for a Certificate of Registration for Racing (Racing Certificate) to obtain a second DNA verification and the insertion of an AHA issued microchip for identification, as well as…

Jane Teutsch Awarded Arabian Jockey Club Tent of Honor 2017

Her first trainer learned what he knew from a Tom Ivers book on how to train a racehorse using the interval methodTent of Honor Awarded to: “The PERSON nominated shall meet the criteria of length of service to the breed, courage to do what is best for the horse, be above reproach, devote to the…

Wibwilcca Receives Arabian Jockey Club Hall of Fame Award 2017

AJC Racing Hall of FameIMG_2468 from Pamela Burton on Vimeo.

Michelle Morgan, Arabian Racing Cup Chief Steward, presents the Hall of Fame Award to Jon & Krista Henningsgard, owners of Polish mare Wibwilcca (Wilkolak x Wibracja by Elef – 1994)

AJC Racing Hall of Fame Award at Lonestar Park, Texas on 27 October 2017.

AJC Racing Hall of Fame Recipients

Into the Sunset – Bobbie Patscheider

The Arabian Horse world has lost a cherished member of the community. Bobbi Patscheider passed away on May 15, 2014, with her husband, Don, and two of her children at her side. Bobbi spent a lifetime loving Arabian horses. Her contribution as publisher of the US Arabian Finish Line provided a huge support and resource for the Arabian race horse community.…