Tersk Stud reports success in 2012

  December 30, 2012, sent from Tersk Stud

The successes of the legendary Tersk Stud are well-known in much of the world. Here is an exclusive report on some of the highlights of 2012, and what to expect in 2013 at the Stud.

In 2012

This year Tersk Stud was one of the initiators for saving the breeding stock of the Khrenovskoy Stud, purchasing 13 of its best mares of important world-wide dominating dam lines. We welcome Sapine, Carabine, Prikhot and Koalicia to their new home.

±The Regional Show, Star of Five Mountains 2012, went off at the highest level and attracted the participation of more than 50 horses from 15 farms. The Absolute Champion of the Show was called the crack (top)of the racing track – None other than one of the most important Tersk stallions, the real son of  the legendary Drug, the outstanding Madiar.

Madiar by Alexia

Madiar by Alexia

±And  Tersk Stud has made the decision to revive legendary lines. There are almost no successors or offspring of Awan, Muscat, Mashuk and Moment left in the country, many exported to the US and Holland. Tersk Stud will continue working with these lines to bring these almost lost blood lines to a new life.

±Tersk Stud works very actively on the exchange of breeding materials and supports improvement not only of the Tersk gene pool, but also makes the best efforts in saving the Arabian breed in general. The stallions of Tersk Stud selection are used as sires in many Stud farms all over Russia: Mongrant, Magic Power and Vostochny at Belov’s Stud, Vist and Brigadir at Stavropol Stud, John and Maybe at Veles Stud, and Valentino G at Khrenovskoyoe Stud. In addition, Tersk is using for the second year the noted sires bred by other Russian stud farms: Beg (Khrenovskoyoe Stud), Maklaud (Veles stud), and Gabon (Stanica Stud). In 2013 Tersk will use also Gusliar (Stavropol stud) and El-Farid from Poland – the son of show triple crown winner, Ekstern.

We look forward to a successful and engaging year.

If you have questions about breeding to any of the notable sires at Tersk, or other questions about the farm, please visit the website: http://www.terskarabian.com > see contacts, or:

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