Tersk Stud shows some of Russia’s best in Rising Star of Pyatigorye

June 5, 2013 –  BIS I, JBOB, BOS I,  “Rising Star of the Tersk”, (D – show, ECAHO, RAHBA)

On May 25-26 Tersk Stud hosted the Regional category D show, the Rising Star of Pyatigorye.

On the first day 40 horses were shown, among which were classes of foals of 2013, mares, colts and fillies of 2009-2012.

The second day was also rich in events despite heavy rain  and the program started with stallions followed by Championship for the best in each class.

Madonna Tersk

Madonna Tersk

Chosen the best mare, Madonna Tersk, grey, (HK Marcello х Nairobi) and the best stallion Viper Tersk, bay, (Pobeditel х Velikobritania,) , these two were hailed with long applause. Title of the Supreme (All-Round) Champion and the Champion Ribbon were given to lovely Madonna Tersk.

Vaiper Tersk Alexia Kruscheva photo

Viper Tersk
Alexia Kruscheva photo

Tersk Show Results:

The program was followed by the 2nd Annual Tersk Auction where 30 select horses were offered. As a result 6 horses were sold, and we do hope that the auction will add to the public’s excitement and will grow each year.

In early May Tersk signed a cooperation agreement with Gerald Kurtz, a well-known European trainer residing in Poland.  Tersk then sent two of our best fillies to Poland, Bon Pari Tersk, 2011, (Pobeditel х Bapita by Piligrim) and Michele Mercier Tersk, grey, 2011, (HK Marcello х Nairobi by Balaton). They successfully passed the adaptation period and will be shown on June 29th and June 30th in Warsaw.

The Stud is pleased to note that after a rather long break Tersk will once again be known for showing in Europe.

The upcoming 4th OPEN DAY AT TERSK STUD 2013 from August 23-25 is one of the largest events of the year at Tersk Stud.

See Scheduled Events of the Open Day at Tersk Studhttp://wp.me/p26iCL-1T9


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