Tevis Photos 2013

Vicki Gaebe sends along these photos of her sister, Beverly Gray and Jolly Sickle at her Tevis ride and completion. Bravo!

Bev’s comments: “It was a fantastic race. My worry was the heat, 112+ in the canyons.
Jolly Sickle did exceptional. I was impressed and he showed very well for the Haggin Cup.
The Tevis has the most impressive presentation of volunteers and  management that absolutely make the entire Tevis Experience an experience. Every endurance rider should mark it on their bucket list of must do events.
Thank you Tevis committee and the 750 volunteers that Made My Day.”.
Beverly Gray and Jolly Sickle
“I’m very proud of Bev and Ice; it was tough and hot!!!” Michelle Morgan, breeder of Jolly Sickle and endurance help draftee.


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