The UK leaving the EU: Racing Industry Guidance

Brexit is Coming - 31 October 2019

Guidance to industry participants on what to do as the UK leaves the EU (Brexit)

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The UK Government has now published detailed guidance on how to prepare for Brexit. This should be the primary source of authoritative information for Industry participants. In addition, specific government departments have started to provide even more detail, including:

Specific guidance on the export of horses and ponies that will apply after the UK leaves the EU

Specific guidance on Importing animals that will apply after the UK leaves the EU

Guidance to customs processes and procedures that are likely to apply in a ‘no deal’ scenario

In a No deal scenario the same rules and laws will apply the day before and after exit, with further changes agreed over time by the UK Parliament. Therefore, in broad terms, the starting point for the UK Thoroughbred breeding and racing industry is that rules and regulations relating to imports and activities from the EU to the UK will remain the same, in the short term.

Full Details from the BHA:

Be Prepared: