Track Notes, Friday, Dubai Kahayla Classic

The Kahayla Classic is the first race, off at 15:45 (GMT+4) - Group I - 2000M(a10F) - Dirt, PM:USD $750,000

Hayyan (FR) DUBAI KAHAYLA CLASSIC (Credit DRC & Neville Hopwood) 260321

Hayyan (FR) DUBAI KAHAYLA CLASSIC (Credit DRC & Neville Hopwood)

26 March 2021, Dubai ~ Group 1 $750,000 Dubai Kahayla Classic Sponsored by Mubadala

AF Alwajel (UAE) – The Ernst Oertel-trained AF Alwajel is going into the Dubai Kahayla Classic in good form, as his handler confirmed: “It’s going brilliant. He did his final work last week, nothing serious, but he was great. He’s been doing a lot of extra distance to put some stamina into him and hopefully he turns up on the day. He is in good form and I’m very happy. He has a great draw and all things are looking good.”

Deryan (FR) – Didier Guillemin was enjoying the heat in Dubai when he watched Deryan come out onto the dirt track at Meydan on Friday where he followed his usual routine of going for a slow canter once round the track.

“As I said, I didn’t want to work him here,” his trainer explained. “He doesn’t need to. He is ridden every day by my daughter Clemence, who absolutely adores him and she is very happy with him. He is even eating better here than he did in Riyadh. He is in very good shape.”

Hayyan (FR) – The Frederic Sanchez-trained Hayyan came out onto the dirt track on Friday morning where he did a steady canter once round the track. “He looks fit and well,” his trainer was happy to report. “He seems to be handling the heat in the morning but tomorrow we are running in the afternoon and they have announced 37°C, so we shall see.”

Mashhur Al Khalediah (KSA) – Came onto the dirt track on Friday morning where he did a slow canter and his trainer Philip Collington said: “Seeing that he cantered yesterday, he just did a really easy canter, to just keep him nice and fresh. He felt good when he did a canter yesterday and today he just did an easy canter.

“Tomorrow morning we might do the same or otherwise he will just hand walk in the quarantine area. He seems to be handling the heat great. His rider and groom said he isn’t really having a sweat. He is a cool customer and he has done a Saudi summer before, so he is used to it.”

RB Money To Burn (USA) – The only filly in this year’s renewal is ready for the big task as her trainer Eric Lemartinel confirmed on Friday morning: “She worked last Sunday and since has just been ticking over nicely. She cantered yesterday and this morning she just jogged. She’ll do another light jog tomorrow morning before leaving for the races. All is good.”