Uruguay wins Team Gold, USA Silver, Chile Bronze at Pan Am Endurance

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October 24, Santo Domingo, Chile~ Chile’s spectacular ride went from shore to mountains in the 2011 Pan Am Endurance competition, held on October 22. Bernardo Algorta riding Cacique kept up an average speed of 20kph to take the Senior Gold Individual title for Uruguay and also received the Best Condition award with a completion ride time of 5:59:27. Second and Silver, USA rider, John Crandell on Heraldic kept up the pressure and finished barely 4 minutes behind with an average speed of 19.8kph, and close on his heels was Valerie Kanavy on Spectacular Gold, who took the Bronze with an average speed of 19.7kph. The Senior Team Gold was also a run up to the end as Uruguay’s Sofia Castells riding Canuto Molles, Paula Fort on Campanina and Jorge Martinez on Nagfour won the battle for the two minute lead over Team USA – of Crandell, Kanavy and Deborah Reich on Pandor, who settled for Silver. Chile’s home team of Lukas Buckel riding Konsterrus, Alejandro Kil on Al Hatal El Shammaat, and Ana Maria Novoa ridingPistrat took Bronze.

The course of 120km in five loops took place at the 9000 hectare resort of Brisas de Santo Domingo and included some mountainous terrain as well as the Pacific shore of Chile. The loops were 30, 25, 30, 20 and 15 kms to the finish and the Senior division had a 63% completion rate.

Starting a half hour after the Seniors the Young Rider Division saw Sebastian Taverne riding Eclipse gain Gold with an average speed of 19.73 kpm ahead of Colombia’s Christina Mutis on Tiawa with an average speed of 19.41kph. Benjamin Boetsch riding Khadijah won Bronze with an average speed of 19.41. The Team from Chile of Taverne, Boetsch, and Pablo Llompart riding Ankar Samuray won Gold, the only Young Rider Team to finish. The Young Rider Division had a 58% completion rate.


Senior Teams:
GOLD – Uruguay 7:03:32: Canuto Molles (Sofia Castells), Campanina (Paula Fort), Nagfour (Jorge Martinez);
SILVER – USA 7:05:19 – Heraldic (John Crandell), Spectacular Gold (Valerie Kanavy), Pandor (Debora Reich);
BRONZE – Chile 9:42:49 – Konsterrus (Lukas Buckel), Al Hatal El Shamaat (Alejandro Kiss), Pistrat (Ana Maria Novoa).

Senior Individuals: GOLD – Cacique (Bernardo Algorta) Uruguay 20 kph; SILVER – Heraldic (John Crandell) USA 19.8 kph; BRONZE – Spectacular Road (Valerie Kanavy) 19.7 kph.

Young Rider Teams: GOLD – Chile – Eclipse (Sebastian Taverne), Khadijah (Benjamin Boetsch), Ankar Samuray (Pablo Llompart).

Young Rider Individuals: GOLD – Eclipse (Sebastian Taverne) CHI 19.73 kph; SILVER – Tiawa (Cristina Mutis) COL 19.41; BRONZE – Khadijah (Benjamin Boetsch) 18.87.


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