US Arabian Horse Association Shows Support for North American WEG Teams

C Richardson25 August, 2014, USA ~ Arabian horses are well represented at the Alltech World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy, France. The Endurance event on Thursday, 28 August will have over 200 Arabians vying for the Championship over the historic and pictoresque venue of Mt. Saint Michel.

Cynthia Richardson, President of the Arabian Horse Association sends a good luck message to Endurance Team USA and Canada: “On behalf of the Arabian Horse Association in North America representing Canada and the United States, I want to express our pride in your endeavors and the Arabian breed. You showcase the Arabian horse on an international stage for all to see in a grueling event that requires mental fortitude and physical strength. Our 24,000 members across our respective countries offer you best wishes and good will to all the Endurance competitors. You make us proud to be Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian owners and we cheer you on from afar. We are assured that whether you bring home the Gold or a personal best, the World applauds your efforts and wishes you a safe and excellent ride.”


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