US Horses to be Exported to Libya

January 31, 2012, Texas~Six horses will ship within the next two weeks from Texas to help kick start the revival of the Libyan racing program.

“These will be the first horses to be exported to the country since the fall of Gaddafi,” said Texas breeder, Eric Moreau-Sipiere. Having sold a horse from his Centurion Stud to Libya in years past, Moreau-Sipiere was recently contacted to ship out six young horses to the North African country, and more have been selected to follow shortly. The horses will travel from Houston, via Amsterdam, on to Belgium and then to North Africa.

According to Moreau-Sipiere, during the war conflict racing was suspended and valuable horses were sent to neighboring Tunisia.  Some of these horses are now coming back into Libya.

“Ghaddafi was a huge fan of racing, but he controlled the market,” noted Moreau-Sipiere.

Mondher Zouiten, noted Tunisian breeder, clarified.  “During the Civil war in Libya, more than a million Libyans relocated to Tunisia. Many have stayed due to fear of reprisals and the insecurity of the government of Libya. A conditional committee of racing has been designated, but as yet, racing has not started again. In the month of December, many Libyans participated in the Grand Prix du Maghreb at Casablanca, Morocco. There were two races for Thoroughbreds and three for Pure-bred Arabian horses. Thirteen horses were flown out from Tunisia to Morocco for this race.”

“Libyans buy many horses from Tunisia. Many of these owners also race their horses in Tunisia. The Libyans are pasionate about horses but in the time of Gaddafi the races were poorly organized and people were afraid to race against men such as General Khouildi Hamidi, Commander and right hand man in Kaddafi’s entourage . With the liberation, I think that the breeders and the races will make good progress, and this is also due to the fact that Libya is a country very rich with Petro-dollars.

The Libyan Arabian Horse Breeders Society (LHBS) is a member of WAHO.

Libya is sandwiched between Egypt and Tunisia touching the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa.

Recent Events

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the head of Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council is working with officials towards an elected congress and constitution for Libya. Abdul-Jalil warned that recent protests risked undermining the country’s already fragile stability.


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