USA World Endurance Championship Team

   July 12, 2012 Official News ~USA traveling team for the London WEC has been announced as well as alternates.

TEAM USA – unranked

Top six riders/horses—scheduled to travel

John Crandell/Heraldic

Becky Hart/No Repeat

Valerie Kanavy/Reach for the Gold

Nicki Meuten/ Not Tonight

Heather Reynolds/Riverwatch

Jeremy Reynolds/ A Kutt Above

Alternates Ranked

7. Meg Sleeper/Syrocco Reveille

8. Melody Blittersdorf/Synthetic

9. Kim Orr/Dutch

10. Jan Worthington/Golden Lightening

11.Ellyn Olson/ SA Belshazzar

12. Cody Boyson/Viktory Banner

13. Jennifer Stevens/Syrocco Cadence

14. Kelsey Kimbler/Cody Canuck

USA Chef d’Equipe, Emmett Ross has announced the USA Team choices for the August 25th. “Following these great six combinations are some outstanding alternates which are ranked and who will fill in if one the top 6 is incapable.  Meg Sleeper, a very competent FEI rider with a nice horse, is first up in 7th, etc.  A nominated list of 12 from these 14 will go into OC by July 24.  So the Nominated list is not totally settled as training and inspections continue.”

“As Chef I am very very pleased with our potential to show well as a team against what will surely be a great race.  Two Tevis winning horses still in their prime (Heraldic and Riverwatch), two Tevis winning riders, several times each, still in their prime (John Crandell and Jeremy Reynolds), and two experienced past World Champions (Becky Hart and Valerie Kanavy) with five gold medals between them who are prepared to join in a TEAM effort.  I feel we have a very nice balance between top experience and strong up and coming well known riders and new faces such as Nicki Meuten.  I realize there are strong riders from every corner of the endurance world, but I am counting on a strong team effort and we will see where the chips fall.  Individual efforts could be possible but our team efforts are paramount.”

Emmett Ross

Chef d’ equipe

USA Endurance




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