We Remember Erwin Escher (1959-2016)

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Erwin Escher

Erwin Escher

It is with a heavy heart that I write these lines – completely surprising — photographer and our colleague Erwin Escher has passed away. I still cannot comprehend that the next shows will be without him without his grin, without his humor, without his sometimes snappy comments about the horses in the ring.
Born in 1959, he loved horses even as a boy of 10 years old. At one time it was the Arabian horse that fascinated him, and at the age of 16 he bought his first Arabian. Of course, sooner or later he took photos of his horse – which was the beginning of his photographers career. In the meantime, he had horses of all breeds in front of his lenses, but his biggest love was the Arabian horse, for him, the most beautiful of all horse breeds. Immortalized on postcards, in books and pamphlets, and in the last few years also on the internet – the “Escher”— signature is known all over the world.

By Gudrun Waiditschka
Information by permission of Arabian Horses In The Focus – English and German

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