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Out of the Desert

Out of the Desert, by Peter Upton, looks at the Arabian horse through history ~ a desert horse, racing horse, war horse, and foundation sire.  The book further traces the influence of the Arabian on today’s light breeds as represented by the Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay, and Hackney horses, and also on the  pony breeds of Great Britain, including Welsh, Highland and Shetland.

The foundation of the General Stud Book of 1791 in England established written records which verify that early horse lovers were enamored with the fine lines, courage and spirit of the Arabian horse. Upton quotes Napoleon Bonaparte, an Arab horse enthusiast.

‘Gentlemen, you can with Arab blood get immediate improvements in all breeds…’

The book is lovingly illustrated with many of Upton’s finest prints.

A fascinating look at the light horse and native breeds of Britain and the role that our beloved Arabian horse has had in shaping them over the centuries. This book is a wonderful journey througgh the history of our island breeds.” Samantha Mattocks, The Arabian Magazine.

Peter Upton has a worldwide reputation as an artist and author, specializing in the Arab Horse. He is an International Judge of Arab Horses and has twice been President of the Arab Horse Society of Britain. Upton has eight books in publication.


A tribute to the Arabian horse ~

Peter Upton

May 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9564170-9-8

276 pp Hardbound

Out of the Desert can be ordered from Medina Publishing: www.medinapublishing.com

List Price: £35

In the United States from the Pyramid Society: http://www.pyramidsociety.org/

List Price: $45.00




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