What’s In The Future for Shadwell DIAR Races?

With Shadwell Committee Chairman, Mirza Al Sayegh and UK Stud Director, Richard Lancaster

Richard Lancaster, Massoud Salah, Mirza Al Sayegh, Abdulla Al Ansari, and Mohammed Taha stand with KOALINO at MHF

Richard Lancaster, Massoud Saleh, Mirza Al Sayegh, Abdulla Al Ansari, and Moh Taha stand with KOALINO at MHF

25 November 2015, Arizona ~ When the Dubai International Arabian Races (DIAR) came to Texas the second week in November, the festivities featured cowboys, Longhorn cattle, 10 gallon hats, barbecue, and plenty of horses.

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Mirza Al Sayegh and CHNDAKA with Mousoud Saleh and Michelle Morgan with ace handler, Pedro

While in Texas, DIAR committee Chairman Mirza Al Sayegh, and Shadwell Stud Director (UK) Richard Lancaster commented on the support for Arabian races worldwide and their impressions of the Texas (USA) addition to the series.

“We were happy with the races here at Lone Star Park on 13 November,” said Mr. Al Sayegh. “The reason for the DIAR sponsorship is to strengthen the profile of the Arabian horse around the world. HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum is supporting Arabian races internationally and I am here with the DIAR committee: Mr Masoud Saleh, Mr Abdulla Al Ansari and Mr Mohammed Taha from Al Adiyat Magazine, as well as Shadwell Stud Director, Richard Lancaster, to represent his patronage of Arabian racing through the DIAR program.

“In 2015 we supported Arabian races in Italy, France, the UK, and for the first time Holland and the USA.”

“These Arabian races have gained momentum,” Al Sayegh continued. “The aim is not only to encourage owners to run horses but to foster a relationship with the country as well. We know this helps in all of our relations between the UAE and the countries we visit: in the commercial sector, in tourism, and in the role of Embassies in each country. The Embassies help by inviting their own guests in each country to witness the races. The guests here in Texas came from all walks of life and included the Mayor of this county, Grand Prairie. Mr. Jensen stayed for ten races and this was very much appreciated.”

Two of the Shadwell stallions are here in Texas at Mandolynn Hill Farm, CHNDAKA and KAOLINO, “he continued. “We are honored to have them here. My role here is to encourage the foundations of Arabian horse. I am happy to work to help foster the acceptance of the Arabian in the US and Mandolynn Hill Farm is doing a good job in supporting us on the breeding side.”

The Future is assured for the 2016 DIAR racing program

Richard Lancaster was pleased with the four Texas DIAR races at Lone Star Park.
“I thought the weekend was great,” he said. “The racing was very competitive and it was good to see such good fields. The enthusiasm of the organizers, participants, and everyone that we met was extremely positive. It made for a good evening that was appreciated by everyone.”

“During 2015 year, we have helped Italy to be accepted in to IFAHR, an achievement that we feel illustrates our support for the secure foundation of the sport.  The win of KALINO in the Abu Dhabi Jewel Crown on 8 November was a great promotion for Shadwell stallion KAOLINO who stands here in Texas at Mandolynn Hill Farm.”

“Due to the success of the DIAR series, there is every indication that our program will include the US in 2016.”

Al Sayegh commented: “Without Sheikh Hamdan nothing would have happened to create this series. Texas is the final stop in the 2015 DIAR program. The program is alive and continuous and we are progressing the calendar for 2016. The world of Arabian racing knows that we are there for them. Perhaps one day we may even see Sheikh Hamdan’s colors carried in an Arabian race in the USA.”


Mirza Al Sayegh first went to University in Dubai then received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jordan, and went on to get his Masters Degree from the University of Southern California. He then worked as the Administrator of the UAE Embassy in the UK for 7 years. He also spent three months working at the United Nations as the head of the UAE Political Committee. He has worked for the office of HH Sheikh Hamdan for the past thirty years. He said that he learns a good deal from Sheikh Hamdan in the way he works with his horses, how he knows every horse that he has and how each is doing or has done, past and present.

Richard Lancaster has been at Shadwell for over 25 years and Stud Director for 17 of these. Richard is responsible not only for the Thoroughbred breeding operation in the UK but he also oversees the Arabian racing and breeding interests of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum globally.
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