White Turf St. Moritz 2016 – The European Snow Meeting

Preview of the race Sunday, 21 February 2016

Trojan horse art

Trojan horse art

18 February 2016 ~ “The weather conditions create considerable problems everywhere in Europe,” declared the organizers of St. Moritz race meetings. “We are waiting for the predicted cold front that should arrive at the end of the week. We hope the expected cold weather will help to optimize preparations for the coming race Sunday so that everything will be ready for the event. If we realize on Saturday that the conditions are not ideal, Sunday’s race will be cancelled. The worst case scenario is that the decision will be taken on the spot on Sunday morning.” This is the key message from Silvio Martin Staub, president of the St. Moritz Racing Association and CEO of White Turf, in the run-up of the final race day on the frozen lake of St. Moritz on Sunday.

Until this week, the warmer weather has made some of the main racing track on the frozen lake unusable, but major parts of the outer rails of the racetrack are available for training purposes.

St Moritz race meets

St Moritz race meets

As of now, 67 horses arriving from seven nations are expected for seven races on Sunday. The Gübelin 77th Grand Prix of St. Moritz with 14 entrants boasts a high quality field including Fabrino (jockey Robert Havlin) trained by Miroslav Weiss. With maximum weight handicap he will try to repeat his success of last year.

H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship (IFAHR)

On the starters’ list for the H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship (IFAHR) are last year’s winner Al Janoob as well as Alibaba del Sol, defeated in last week’s race for the first time. Both horses will encounter Nil Kamla, winner of last Sundays 800m shortened race.


Horse, Rider,Trainer, Owner

1 Alibaba del Sol (AV), Danekilde Dina, Van den Bos Karin, Landgoed Waterland/NL

2 Athlète del Sol (AV),  Bernadet Marie-Anne, Van den Bos Karin, Landgoed Waterland

3 Nil Ashal (AV), Marcialis Jessica, Aeschbacher Franziska, Aeschbacher Urs

4 Al Murjaan (AV) ,Sutak Csenge, Hagman-Eriksson Maria, Hagman-Eriksson/SWE

5 El Dor Pribot (AV), Burger Nadia, Nilsson Camilla,  Nilsson Camilla/SWE

6 Winston Rocket (AV), Murtagh Caroline,Nilsson Camilla, Nilsson Camilla/SWE

7 Al Janoob (AV), Stokell Ann, Hagman-Eriksson Maria, Hagman-Eriksson Maria/SWE

8 Nil Kamla (AV), Van den Troost Anna, Aeschbacher Franziska, Aeschbacher Urs

9 Oriental Myth (AV), Wullschleger Astrid, Nilsson Camilla Fabre Marion/FRA Stall Myt/SWE

10 Djeko Saric (AV), Danz Rebecca, Mikhalides Georges Kolpondinou, Fabre Marion/FRA

11 Zanubiya A, Zwahlen Karin, Kolpondinou Alexia,Kolpondinou Alexia/GER

Nine horses will contest the Grand Prix BMW, the only trotting race of the day. Patchino and Italianec won last Sunday over the shortened distance (800m). However in Oscar de la Rouvre and especially Terry Gahn, two top horses experienced over snow in St. Moritz will also be at the start, which can only serve to boost the excitement. Both main events have been cancelled on the premium program of French betting provider PMU, which means that no bets can be placed from France.

Given normal track conditions, the world exclusive Skikjöring will take place in the form of the Grand Prix CREDIT SUISSE. If it should not be possible to stage the entire Skikjöring race over the normal distance of 2,700m, it will be cancelled.

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