US Endurance Rider Enters Mongol Derby

July 15, 2013, Texas ~ News from Cypress Trails, Darolyn Butler in Texas. “Devan Horn, one of our Cypress Trails young rider alum, will be competing in the Mongol Derby on August 4.  This is a 650 mile horse race, where each rider is supplied with a series of 28 different semi-wild Mongolian ponies they’ve never ridden before, takes 35 contestants across the rugged and varied terrain of the Mongolian wilderness and is widely described as the toughest horse race in the world.  A local Houston news station did a great news story on Devan’s preparation for the event.  Click the following link to see the video and story.

But first, Devan will compete on the Central Team in the North American Junior Young Rider Endurance Championship in Kentucky on July 19.

Good luck Devan!